Youth Sunday – The Bread of Life

Youth Sunday – The Bread of Life

April 18th, 2016

This Sunday our students led our worship service. Sofia, Drew, and Aaron each looked at John 6:25-59 and discussed what it means to look to the “bread of life”.

Here are some questions for discussion this week:

1. Which bread product do you crave most?

2. Why does Jesus say people are seeking him (v.26)? What are some of the shallow reasons people seek Jesus today?

3. What are proper motives for seeking Jesus? Why is it important to have them?

4. How does our relationship to Jesus resemble our relationship to bread?

5. Why do you think Jesus keeps repeating that he is doing the Father’s will and not his own?

6. What does Jesus say the Father’s will is? How should this inform our own mission?

7. Read v53 – 59, what might you think of these verses if you didn’t know the end of the Jesus story? Would they freak you out?

8. What role does communion play in your faith? What benefit do you see in the celebration?

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