Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

May 13th, 2018

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1) Tell about your first encounter with Poison Ivy.

2) What do you know about Judah and Israel, or what have you learned this week about them?

3) How did you feel when someone has called you our for a sin in your life.  If this has never happened, why do you think that is?

4) What comforts, successes, or securities make come between you and God?

5) Share ideas on how to elevate God above ourselves during times of success and hard times as well.

6) Think of a time you were punished out of love or punished your child out of love. How does God punish us out of love?  When would God use tough love on his children in Jesus Christ?

7) What areas of your life do you think God is calling you to follow Him?  How can you pursue Him in that area, be specific?

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