Why Believe Jesus?

Why Believe Jesus?

March 7th, 2016
Clay Edens

This week, we look at the words of Jesus regarding the testimony about Him, in John 5:31-47.

Here are some questions for your individual reflection or group discussion this week:

1. Have you ever had to be a witness for something? what? why were you chosen?

2. Based on what the story reveals do you think Jesus presented enough evidence for belief?

3. why or why not?

4. What’s something that Jesus taught that challenged your original belief? How did you go about processing it?

5. What criteria do you use to determine if something a teacher/pastor said is true?

6. Rank (scripture,tradition,experience, & reason) according to the weight you give each in your own life. Defend your order.

7. Which of these do people in the world find compelling today?

8. What sources of evidence would you use today to make a case for the believability of Jesus to a non-believing coworker?

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