Watch your Philosophy

Watch your Philosophy

October 16th, 2016
Clay Edens

This week’s message looks at Colossians 2:6-15.

Here are some questions for discussion or individual reflection:

1. What the comfiest seat/place in your house?

2. What do we miss out on when we limit Christianity to a one time decision that people make?

3. Do you feel like you understand the basics of the worldviews presented? What questions do you still have?

4. How do naturalism and postmodernism bring temporary comfort to those who live them out?

5. Which of the two alternative worldviews are you most drawn to?

6. What is praiseworthy within them? What can we affirm in each one?

7. What about these ways of thinking concerns you?

8. How would you frame the fullness of Jesus for those who subscribe to them?

9. Bonus: What is the danger of starting our philosophy with ethics and moving backward toward metaphysics?

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