The Spirit’s teaching: wisdom or foolishness

The Spirit’s teaching: wisdom or foolishness

October 8th, 2017
Mark Sandquist

This week Mark Sandquist walked us through 1 Corinthians 2:6-16.

The Mind will not change without the Word
The Word will not work without the Spirit
For it is the Spirit that writes the truth and wisdom of God’s Word on our hearts and in our minds

Who cannot receive the Wisdom of god taught by the Spirit?

Those who love the power of controlling their own lives, and who do not properly discern or judge the implication of their decision to reject the Wisdom of God as foolishness.

Who can receive the Wisdom of God taught by the Spirit?

The mature, the spiritual – The people in whom the Holy Spirit is at work. The ones who see Christ as the Lord of glory and worthy to be followed and emulated in their actual daily lives

What is the Wisdom of God?

The plan/future/ideas formed in the beautiful, perfect, infinite mind of God devising a glorious future for his people.

What specific things can we do keep making more beauty than mess in your life regarding the wisdom of God taught by the Spirit?

1. Read, study, absorb the Spirit’s Wisdom and teaching

2. Humbly accept its’s truth and implications for your life The Mirror of God’s Word Reflects His Perfect Truth, Reveals Our Imperfections, And reminds us of obedient steps to take

3. Live out the Wisdom and Truth of God as revealed by the Spirit To Know the Truth Is a Good Thing To Believe the Truth Is a Better Thing To Live the Truth is The Most Important Thing

4. Be thankful and ecstatic about what lies ahead – what God has prepared for those who love him

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. As a child, what was the most foolish thing you ever did? Why did you do it?

2. Do you consider yourself a “mature” Christian?

3. What does a mature or spiritual Christian look like?

4. How big of a deal is pride for you in your daily spiritual journey

5. What ways do you find helpful in saturating you mind with God’s wisdom taught by the Spirit?

6. How should we respond to those who see the Spirit’s teaching of God’s wisdom foolishness?

7. If Jesus is the master painter and the Holy Spirit is the master’s brush creating in us a masterpiece, what does your personal canvas look like right now?

8. Why is it difficult to not believe the lies of the world the live out God’s wisdom and truth?

9. How can you consistently tell the difference between God’s wisdom and the world’s wisdom?

10. What does it mean to have the mind of Christ

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