The Most Excellent Way

The Most Excellent Way

September 3rd, 2016
Clay Edens

Love is essential to the Body of Christ. This week, we dig into 1 Corinthians 13. It’s a passage you may have hanging up in your house, but it is an essential truth the Church needs to grasp.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. Favorite romance movie?

2. How have you seen love in action in our church? When have you felt loved by the church?

3. How is self-pity damaging to a community? How do you love someone who is currently there?

4. What makes it harder to love groups of people, rather than just an individual?

5. How is it easier to love in a larger group of people?

6. How would you explain to someone outside the church the difference between loving someone and pleasing them?

7. What criteria do you use to determine if an act is loving?

8. How can your community group love you right now?

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