The Christian Household

The Christian Household

November 13th, 2016
Clay Edens

The Christian home is a home that is remodeled in the character of Christ.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. If you could remodel one element of your physical home what would it be?

2. What were the household dynamics like in your family of origin?

3. Do you view the command for wives to submit to their husbands to be cultural or enduring instruction? What factors carry the most weight in your decision?

4. What does it mean to submit to another person? How can it happen among equals?

5. How do you go about setting the goals and direction(trajectory) of your family unit?

6. Are you in greater danger of spoiling your children or being too harsh with them? (or nieces/nephews/friends kids if you are single)

7. How should Christians parent differently than the world around us? 8. How could v.22-25 be applied to the other two relationships?

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