The Character of True Wisdom

The Character of True Wisdom

June 2nd, 2019
Clay Edens

How can we distinguish true wisdom from foolishness?

From James 3:12-18

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. If you are in a team trivia competition, which categories are your specialties?

2. What characteristics do you normally look for in a wise person?

3. How would you explain what a healthy humility looks like?

4. What have you found helpful in cultivating a spirit of humility?

5. Who has modeled humble service well for you in life?

6. How can we identify when our ambition has become selfish ambition?

7. In what areas of life are you most likely to drift into a comparative posture?

8. What makes comparison such a dangerous thing for spiritual health?

9. How do you evaluate a new idea to determine if it is a wise one or not?

10. Read through the list of wise virtues, which one of these have you seen God grow in you? Which one would you like to see God grow in you in the weeks ahead?

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