The Centrality of Justice

The Centrality of Justice

May 20th, 2018
Dave Downey

Amos 5-6 illustrates God’s passion for justice and the importance of God’s people being defined by abundant and consistent justice.

May God’s majesty and grace motivate us towards lives that are concerned for the poor/vulnerable. And may we make consistent sacrifices to care for their physical and spiritual needs.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

Icebreaker: Who is one of your spiritual heroes? Why?

Justice is a consistent theme throughout scripture. What other OT and NT scriptures on justice come to mind? Read a few of these scriptures (Isiah 58 and Micah 6, Matt 25 are a good place to start).

Watch the Bible Project video on Justice. What strikes you? How does this impact our understanding of what it means to be God’s people? *

We often pin evangelism and social justice against each other. Why? What should sharing the gospel really look like?

How have you thought about or defined hospitality? Read Luke 14:12-14. What is biblical hospitality? And how might this relate to the concept of justice?

Are there examples in your life of how a desire for biblical justice has impacted your priorities and decision making?

Materialism distracted Israel from pursuing justice. What’s the balance between enjoying God’s earthly gifts v. living an injustice, self-indulgent life?


Repent: Where do you fall short in living up to God’s standard of Justice?

Reflect: Is practicing biblical justice a part your life? Where can you practice biblical justice?

Respond: Allow learning to launch you into action. What step might God be asking you to take to pursue justice? How might your group help hold you accountable?


How does an understanding and experience of God’s grace make us just?

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