The Arrest

The Arrest

April 2nd, 2017
Clay Edens

Jesus is still in control

Jesus is still protecting his children

Jesus is still obeying the Father on mission

This gives us hope and the strength to keep the faith and live lives of love.

Questions for discussion or personal reflection

1. If you were trying to hide from the authorities where would your friends tell them to look?

2. Read v.4-6 again, what do you think the conversations between the soldiers in the barracks were like afterwards?

3. Do you find it hard or easy to believe that Jesus is in control today? Why?

4. If you were asked to testify about Jesus teachings, what are some of the ones you would share? Bonus points if you can remember some from the book of John.

5. How would you react if a leader you had been closely following for three years was arrested unfairly like Jesus? Think both physically and emotionally.

6. Peter didn’t want people to know he was with Jesus, in what situations today are you most tempted to hide your faith?

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