The Amazing Jesus

The Amazing Jesus

December 29th, 2019
Clay Edens

From Mark 6:1-6

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:


1. When is that last time you have had an experience you would describe as amazing?

2. How does the biblical concept of amazement differ from that common usage of the word today?

3. What types of factors contribute toward making someone or something amazing?

4. How would you rate (1 to 10) your current level of amazement and wonder of Jesus?

5. How do you get from a place of amazement and wonder to a place of growth?

6. How can familiarity act as a barrier to amazement?

7. What’s something new that you’ve learned about or appreciated in Jesus within the last year?

8. Do you see a need to cultivate amazement in your spiritual life? If so what steps do you plan on taking?

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