October 2nd, 2016
Clay Edens

In Colossians 1:15-23, we get a picture of Christ’s supremacy over many areas of our lives.

Christ is supreme in:

  • Revelation
  • Creation
  • Sustaining
  • The Church
  • Restoration
  • Reconciliation

Here are some questions for your personal reflection, or group discussion

1. What features would you include in your supreme car?

2. How would you view the teachings of Jesus differently if he was just a prophet and not God in the flesh?

3. How often do you think about the invisible part of creation? What kind of comfort does it bring knowing that Jesus is supreme over even it?

4. What are the implications for humans of everything being made FOR HIM? How does this impact how we see the non human parts of creation?

5. What are some characteristics of a church that clearly has Jesus as its head?

6. Those who have faith in Jesus are declared holy in his sight, how would you explain what this means to a 10 yr. Old? How is it different than being holy in real life? 7. What truth in this passage did you most need to hear this week?

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