Like Everyone Else

Like Everyone Else

June 25th, 2017
Clay Edens

This week we looked at 1 Samuel 8.

God’s people are not called to be like everyone else. They are called to be like no one else. Or rather, they are called to be like Christ.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. Share a story of when you were peer pressured into doing something silly?

2. What would have been some of the political and national benefits to Israel switching to a human king instead of being led by a priest/pastor?

3. What is an area of life where it is tempting to desire to be like everyone else, rather than uniquely follow God?

4. What is so wrong about telling God, “Now!”? How does it display a turning away from God?

5. When has God made you wait for something good that you desired earlier than he gave it?

6. List some of the things God warns the people a King will take from them. a. Are any of these asked of us by our leaders today?

7. When in your life did it take learning through trial and error to see that God’s way was better? What makes it hard to just take him at his word?

8. What are a couple of ways that Jesus is better than the kings and leaders we have today?

9. How does Jesus lead us to prosperity, stability, and security?



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