Partial Obedience

Partial Obedience

July 9th, 2017
Clay Edens

Complete obedience is more important than sacrifice, or anything else.

This week, we are looking at 1 Samuel 15.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection

1. What’s something that is/has bothered you because it was only done partially?

2. Read 1 Samuel 15:3, what is your gut reaction to a passage like this one?

3. Which, if any, of the explanations about divine warfare in the message did you find helpful?

4. How did Saul’s actions corrupt God’s intention for this battle?

5. What obedience percentage would you give yourself right now?

6. How do we live in the reality that full obedience won’t be ours until heaven, while still not being satisfied until we reach it?

7. Which of Saul’s rationalizations are you most likely to use in defending your own behavior?

8. What is the difference between obedience and sacrifice and why does God value the former more?

9. How does this passage point forward to Jesus?

10. What did you find most convicting from this text?

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