Songs of Summer: Psalm 51

Songs of Summer: Psalm 51

July 3rd, 2016
Zach Boardman

Fixer Upper: Soul Edition.

What should restoration look like, in our lives? Psalm 51 paints a beautiful picture.

Questions for discussion or personal reflection:

1) What are some of your favorite songs?

2) Have you ever learned a major life lesson from a song?

3) Do you agree with Zach that most of us stop after the “Plea” and “Confession” and never get to the restoration part? Why or why not? If you do agree, why do you think we do this?

4) What does this Psalm teach us about who God is and who we are?

5) How does God use the Holy Spirit to restore us? What role if any do we play in this transformation?

6) Verses 13-15 emphasize giving thanks verbally so others can hear. How can we do the same with what God has done for us? a. Has everyone in your group shared testimony of how God has impacted them, or about where they are in their relationship with God? b. With whom can you share this thankfulness, be specific and think about someone you can talk to in the next week maybe.

7) How can restoration and thankfulness build God’s Kingdom?

8) What role does Jesus have to play in all of this stuff?

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