Songs of Summer: Psalm 145

Songs of Summer: Psalm 145

July 31st, 2016
Clay Edens

As we continue our summer series on the Psalms, we dug into Psalm 145 and looked at what it means to have a praise that is consistent, honest, and contagious.

Questions for Discussion or Personal Reflection:

1. Go around the group and do you best to identify each person’s “thing.” In other words, what do they talk about the most?

2. What do you most commonly praise God for?

3. Why is it important for praise to be consistent and honest in order to be contagious? What happens if these are missing?

4. What role did your parents play in your spiritual development?

5. How have you been impacted by in your faith by those of other generations at church? Who outside of your parents has been/ is encouraging you spiritually?

6. How do you see yourself passing on the faith to other generations?

7. If you have children, what have you found helpful in spiritually developing them?

8. How would you like to see yourself do a better job of spreading praise across generations?

9. Do you find it hard or easy to be vulnerable as you share God’s work in your life? Why?

10. Which aspect of God’s character are you especially grateful for now?

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