Run the Race of Faith

Run the Race of Faith

March 10th, 2019
Clay Edens

Faith in Jesus is a marathon race. The best way to run it is by focusing on Jesus and following Him one step at a time.

From Hebrews 12

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. When you go hiking are you a blaze your own trail or a stay on the marked path kind of person?

2. How is a witness who is watching with pressure different than a witness who is sharing their experience? How this this definition help us see what it means to be a witness to others?

3. What’s one trial or obstacle that you are unique equipped to bring your witness of God’s power to others who are struggling?

4. How can something be a good thing for others, but a hindrance to you as you follow Jesus? What are some examples?

5. What are some reasons why we hold on to sin even when we know it is holding us back from Jesus?

6. What are the dangers of going off roading while hiking? How do these translate to the spiritual realm?

7. What’s one step that you can take toward Jesus in the next week?

8. How does the cross demonstrate the endurance of Jesus?

9. Read through the passage one more time, what phrase stands out most to you right now?

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