Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road

October 23rd, 2016
Clay Edens

Our rules for live ought not be determined by the land of our birth, but by the kingdom of our new birth.

Questions for discussion or personal reflection:

1. What’s a rule that your parents have that you have transferred over to your own household?

2. Of the 3 ancient types of rules: legalistic, mystical, or ascetic, which are you most prone to adopt?

3. Where have you seen the American desire for freedom become unhealthy or unholy?

4. How are freedom and justice related? How do you think God sees each one?

5. What effect have you seen the Suburban race have on your own family? How should a Suburban Christian live differently?

6. What’s the good and bad of Minnesota nice? How can aspects of it both aid and harm the spread of the gospel?

7. How do you pursue conflict resolution with someone that is afraid of conflict?

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