Purposeful Running

Purposeful Running

December 4th, 2017
Dave Downey

God saves the sexually immoral! When we run to God He turns towards us with love and compassion…even at our worst.

From 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

For the whole group:

Icebreaker: Christmas is right around the corner! What’s your favorite Christmas memory as a child?

What was your “sex talk” like with your parents?

How can we effectively walk in the reality of being free from the law but also being bought with a price and belonging to Christ?

How do faith and works relate to each other?

Read Proverbs 5. How does this passage relate to the message? What stands out to you?

Is it hard for you to picture God turning towards you with love and compassion even in your worst moment? Why?

For men and women separately (give more time to this):

In what ways do we justify sin (particularly sexual sin) like the Corinthians did?

Identify some of the lies that we buy into that keep us in bondage. What truth do we need to remember in the midst of those lies?

What do you need to be running from?

What safeguards are already in place in your life?

What safeguards need to be in place?

Who do you need to be running with to experience purity/wholeness?

We must be purposefully running towards God. What is your intimacy with God currently like?

What steps would you like to take to run towards intimacy with God?

Do you have a compelling vision for your life? What is it?

How does this vision give you courage to run from, run with and run towards?

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