Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace

December 4th, 2016
Clay Edens

Jesus is the prince of peace.

Peace is not about living a life that is comfortable, but about living the life God designed us to live.

Questions for Discussion or Personal Reflection:

1. How did your parents decide on your name? What nicknames have you had throughout your life?

2. What are some different ways we use the concept of peace in our society today? (use a dictionary if you need some help)

3. How is biblical peace (shalom), the same and different than American peace?

4. When in your life did you realize that you weren’t at peace with God? What prompted that realization?

5. How is the death and resurrection of Jesus connected to his birth and the reason that we celebrate it?

6. Where do you sense a need for peace in your own life right now?

7. How has God brought peace into your life recently?

8. Which aspect of this week’s message made the greatest impact on you?



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