Power over Death

Power over Death

January 1st, 2017
Clay Edens

Jesus has power over death.

This week, we look at God’s power at work in John 11.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. What were you doing at midnight as the New Year began?

2. Who would you label as the most powerful human currently living on earth? Why?

3. Where in the life of Jesus do you see him display his power in an impressive way? List off some things (you can even read the sections out loud if you want to)

4. What is the danger in viewing God like a genie? How does it distort his nature?

5. What’s the difference between making requests of God and trying to manipulate him? How do I do the first while avoiding the second?

6. To what degree do you think we can predict how God will use his power? Explain

7. What’s your typical attitude of response when you don’t understand why God doesn’t answer a request the way you’d desire?

8. How would you explain to an eight year old why God answers some prayers, but not others?

9. How do you imagine the crowd responding when Lazarus came out? How do you think you would respond today in a similar situation?

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