Mission imPossible – Distraction

Mission imPossible – Distraction

August 16th, 2015
Katie Bliss

We can know and desire to be connected to God’s mission and still be and get distracted.

Distractions are easy to come by and often so subtle we don’t notice they have crept in.

Definition of distraction:

  1. a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to
    something else
  2. an extreme agitation of the mind or emotions

Distractions are other things or people that have my attention and distract me from living on mission.



The question we need to ask ourselves when trying desperately to stay connected to Jesus’ mission is:

What are we allowing to distract us from mission and how can we leverage these very things to put us back on mission?

Distractions hinder mission:

  • When we forget where our identity comes from.
  • When they hinder our ability to listen to the Holy Spirit and respond in obedience.
  • When we struggle to be still.
  • Irony: God’s mission or plan for us feels like it is distracting us from our own agenda.


What are we going to do in order to stay focused on our mission: bringing glory to God by making disciples?

  1. we must keep our eyes focused on Jesus
  2. we need to speak into each other’s lives and call each other out
  3. leverage the distractions to put us back on mission

1- What is God saying to you? What is distracting you from

2- What are you going to do about it?

3- Who are you going to tell?w

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