Many Gifts, One Giver

Many Gifts, One Giver

March 11th, 2018
Clay Edens

Seek to serve God and others by using your spiritual gifts.

1 Corinthians 12

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. What do people most frequently ask your help with?

2. What is an area of life that you often have to rely on other people?

3. When Christians declare Jesus to be Lord, what do we mean by that? What are some of the implications for daily life?

4. When was the first time you volunteered your skills in church? in your community? What gifts were you using?

5. In what ways are you currently giving of yourself for the common good?

6. Why do you think we feel the need to rank things that are different in order of importance? How can this be harmful?

7. How does it change your attitude and behavior if you don’t feel like an important part of a team?

8. Do you feel like a valuable part of our church right now? If not, what would need to change to correct that?

9. What does this passage of scripture have to say to the person who feels like they are better off following Jesus on their own rather than as part of a church?

10. How do you decide when to say yes to an opportunity to invest/serve in the church?

11. What questions do you still have about spiritual gifts?

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