Love & Betrayal

Love & Betrayal

February 1st, 2017
Clay Edens

Questions for Reflection/Discussion: As always feel free to tweak, skip, or add questions to focus on areas you think most relevant to your group.

1. What is your favorite place to share a meal with friends?

2. Do you think it’s getting harder or easier to have deep relationships with advance of technology? Why?

3. What can we do to cultivate deep relationships in a busy society?

4. Do you consider yourself cautious or courageous when it comes to forming deep relationships? Why?

5. What have you found helpful in recovering trust after an experience of betrayal?

6. Read vs. 31 – 32, why do you think Jesus says these words here in this context? How had God just been glorified?

7. How does God pull good out of the betrayals in this passage?

8. Read vs. 34-35, what stands out to you as you read this command?

9. How have you seen Christians love each other in a powerful way?

10. Given that there is disagreement even between Christians in this political climate, how can we demonstrate love to one another as we have loaded conversations?

11. What was the main thing you took away from this passage?

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