Look to your Leaders

Look to your Leaders

April 14th, 2019
Clay Edens

God has given us leaders to follow as we pursue Jesus in the midst of a broken world

Hebrews 13:7-25

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. Who are you imitating in your work life? What about them draws you to want to imitate them?

2. Do you default to an attitude of trust or suspicion when you encounter a new leader? What would it take to get you to place of trust?

3. In what area of your spiritual life do you most desire someone to lead and mentor you?

4. What’s included in your normal process of evaluating new ideas? How do you ensure an idea is a good one before you incorporate it into your life and belief structure?

5. Have you ever felt excluded because of your faith? How did you handle it?

6. On the spectrum of hide it through intentionally profess it, to what degree are you open about your faith in Jesus at work? At play?

7. What fears hold you back from being more open about your faith?

8. How might a Christian show love and generosity in your vocation in a way that stands out?

9. What’s the danger of profession without living it out? What’s the danger of living it out without professing?

10. In a church setting we voluntarily place ourselves under the leadership of others, what does trust and submission look like in this unique type of setting?

11. What’s been your biggest take away from the book of Hebrews?

12. Spend some time praying for your leaders

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