Justice for the Nations

Justice for the Nations

May 6th, 2018
Clay Edens

From Amos 1-2

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. What has been your experience Up North? Do you have a family cabin? What are the advantages/disadvantages compared to the metro?

2. How familiar are you with the Old Testament prophets? What role did the prophets play in Israel’s history? If you are bold try and name them from memory as a group.

3. What do you find intriguing about studying the northern prophets for the summer? What makes you nervous about it?

4. What might Amos be thinking/feeling when he gets God’s call to go and take a message of mostly judgement to his rival country in the North?

5. Go through and identify the injustices in the oracles against the nations? What does God’s anger about these things say about his character?

6. When you read oracles of judgement like these are you more drawn to cheer God on or say woah God that seems harsh tone it down? Why?

7. God’s frustration toward Judah is of a different type than the others, it involves worship. How does right worship become an issue of justice?

8. How does hearing how God thinks about these injustices change the way we think about those in our own lives?

9. Read Romans 5:6-9, how does the passage from Amos help you appreciate Jesus more?

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