Justice and Restoration

Justice and Restoration

June 17th, 2018
Clay Edens

God’s character leads to justice, but His heart yearns for restoration

From: Amos 9

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. Which famous figure would you most associate with your Dad and why?

2. Was your father more or a disciplinarian or a playmate? How might this impact the way you view God as father?

3. How does knowing God’s ultimate heart for restoration inform the way you think about his discipline and judgement?

4. Which of the failed escape strategies are you most likely to use on God? Any of these work on your parents?

5. How has your heritage shaped your relationship with God?

6. Israel really needed to hear that heritage alone wasn’t going to save them, do you think this is an issue for people in the twin cities? If not heritage, what would you say we tend to fall back on?

7. In v.13-15, God describes his intention and promise to bless Israel, what are some of the blessings we can expect through relationships with God?

8. If you are a parent, do you find your default mode of operation to be discipline or blessing? Or something else?

9. How is our view of God distorted if we only think about his discipline, but forget that his primary desire is to bless his children?

10. What challenged you most from this message/passage?

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