November 12th, 2017
Clay Edens

From 1 Corinthians 5

Because we love God, His Church, and each other we must address and not ignore the sin among us.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. Matthew 7:1 is now the most quoted verse of scripture in the US, what do you think this indicates about our culture?

2. When you hear God’s vision for discipline in the church does your gut say too harsh, too lenient, or just right?

3. Read v.12 – 13 again, why is it often easier to pass judgement on those outside the church rather than inside it?

4. If you are willing share a time when you have been disciplined in a loving and constructive way. What made this a positive experience?

5. How is restorative discipline different from punitive discipline?

6. What are some warning signs that you might be disciplining to punish rather than restore?

7. Matthew 18:15 – 17 is also an instructive passage on intervention, what more can we learn from it?

8. Why does God instruct us to involve as few people as possible in a discipline process? What may motivate us to want more?

9. How should a church members relationship with someone change if they are suspended from the church?

10. How might these same principles apply in the home or in the workplace?

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