Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’

April 23rd, 2017
Clay Edens

In John 21:1-14, Jesus demonstrates his acceptance and provision to those who followed him.

Questions for discussion or personal reflection:

1. How do you feel about fishing? What role has it played in your life?

2. Fishing comes up multiple times in the ministry of Jesus. What are some of the other instances besides this one? Why do you think it is so prevalent?

3. Read the beginning of Luke 5, what similarities do you see in these events?

4. The disciples were likely confident in their fishing abilities. In what area do you find comfort and confidence?

5. When was the last time you followed God out of your comfort zone? How did it go?

6. How have you seen God provide in a situation where you stepped out in obedience?

7. Where do you need God’s provision right now as you follow him?

8. Sharing meals together was a big deal in Jesus’ Day. What role do shared meals play in your family life?

9. Is there anything else that caught your attention as you read through this passage? What was it?

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