Getting what you asked for

Getting what you asked for

July 2nd, 2017
Katie Bliss

1 Samuel 9 – 14

Today we followed the story of Israel as they got the king they had asked for and the king they hadn’t asked for. We saw how God remained faithful and still claimed Israel as His own even when they rejected Him. We heard of significant consequences for Israel and the king if they did not obey God. Saul’s failure to trust and obey should point us to the true King, the obedient King, the King who makes it possible for us to trust and obey, Jesus.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. Share a story when you experienced buyer’s remorse over a purchase?

2. Is there anything you are trying to hide from God?

3. Are there any places in your life where you are trying to hide from God?

4. Where are you struggling to wait on God?

5. Where do you need to trust God more?

6. Are you being disobedient to God somewhere in your life?

7. How is it that Jesus can help us to trust and obey?

8. Discuss the challenges/roadblocks we sometimes put up when we need to trust and obey God.

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