Getting Along and Growing Up

Getting Along and Growing Up

August 21st, 2016
Clay Edens

A body that flourishes is unified, equipped, and mature.

Ephesians 4:1-16

Questions for Discussion or Personal Reflection:

1. Warm Up: If you could win the gold in any summer Olympic event what would it be?

2. What are some barriers to unity that we might find in our church?

3. What are the things that you see Hope Church unified around?

4. What approaches have you found helpful in resolving conflict within the church?

5. How has the church equipped you to be a minister in the world?

6. In what areas would you like to be equipped more?

7. What are some markers of a church/faith that is mature?

8. How is a consumer mentality different from a servant mentality when it comes to church?

9. What’s one way you’d like to see yourself mature in faith in the coming year?

10. Anything else that stood out to you from the message?

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