Generous Missions

Generous Missions

August 19th, 2019
Dave Downey

Faithfulness on mission means wrestling with (not ignoring or explaining away) scripture that challenges us



 What characterizes our engagement with our neighbors?

  • Self-Interest v. Selfless Generosity
    • Self-interest
      • Behavior (often good) that comes with conscious or subconscious expectation we get something in return.
      • Image > substance
    • Selfless Generosity
      • Self-emptying with hopes of getting nothing in return
      • Substance>Image
      • Financial AND Relational

Who are we pursuing and inviting into our lives?

  • Jesus calls us to love those outside of our group/tribe
  • Jesus followers should use power/privilege to enter the pain and suffering of the world.
    • We must acknowledge our privilege. Not to feel guilty or ashamed, but to turn to Jesus and say “How do you want me to use this?”
    • This concept shapes who we invite into our lives.

Big Idea: Our missions efforts should be radically generous and aimed at the vulnerable

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

When you think of missions what’s the first thing that comes to mind? How might the sermon impact your perspective of what mission is?

Have your encountered this teaching of Jesus in Luke 14 before? If so, how have you processed it in the past?

What characterizes your engagement with others where you live, work and play? Self-interest or selfless generosity? Give examples.

Jesus calls us into a radical generosity both financially and relationally.  What does relational generosity look like? Assess your level of generosity in these two areas.

Read the verses that preceded this passage (Luke 14:7-11). How might Jesus’ previous teaching on humility relate to his teaching in Luke 14:12-14.

What other teachings of Jesus do we tend to ignore?

Read v. 14. How can we focus on being “repaid at the resurrection of the righteous” without falling into a posture of trying to earn God’s love and approval?

Why do you think that owning our own privilege can be hard for so many of us? What does it look like for you to leverage the power and privilege you may have in society on behalf of the vulnerable? Who are the vulnerable among you?

Transforming into the likeness of Jesus often begin with repentance. As you reflect on this passage? Is there anything you need to repent of in order to move forward toward the call of Jesus?

How might this passage be calling me to change the way that I think and act in the world?

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