Family Recipe – Responding to the Holy Spirit

Family Recipe – Responding to the Holy Spirit

January 11th, 2015
John Larson

We are looking at the ingredients that make up disciple-making at Hope Church.

Responding to the Holy Spirit is a necessary part of this recipe.

Disciple-making flows from our response to the the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.  (John 14:26)

As you seek to respond to the Holy Spirit:

  • Analyze your life and look for ways to create some margin for the Holy Spirit to speak to you and work in you.
  • Create an environment of stillness to listen to the Spirit’s leading and feel His presence.
  • Journal the teachings of Jesus and apply them into your daily routines.
  • Seek and apply the Holy Spirit’s Counsel and take action.
  • Share and discuss with others, viagra sale how you have responded to and applied this principle
  • Practice with others.
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