Faith That Works

Faith That Works

May 19th, 2019
Clay Edens

From James 2:14-26:

How can we distinguish real faith from fake faith?

  • A living faith not only wants good things for people it does good things for people.
  • Faith is most powerfully demonstrated to others when it leads to a transformed life.
  • Faith is not just understanding theological truths. It comes to life when those truths change the way we live.
  • Loving Actions demonstrate: A Real Faith A Maturing Faith Faith without action is as dead as a body without a soul.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. What’s a food that you really value having the real thing verses the imitation version?

2. When is saying, “I’ll pray for you” actually not representing faith well?

3. How can we pray authentically for those in need? What kinds of prayers can we pray?

4. The world is full of physical needs to meet. How do you decide which needs to personally invest in meeting?

5. When have you seen someone’s faith powerfully demonstrated in their actions?

6. Do you feel more alive when you are growing in your understanding of the faith or when you are living it out? Why?

7. How would you explain the relationship between belief and action?

8. How are Abraham and Rahab examples of faith in action? What aspects of their attitudes should be emulate?

9. How would you explain the apparent inconsistency of James 2:24 and Romans 3:28 to someone exploring Christianity?

10. What are some other signs that your faith is real? 11. How is God currently maturing you in the faith?

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