Fair Weather Disciples

Fair Weather Disciples

April 24th, 2016
Clay Edens

In John 6, many followers walk away from Jesus after a particularly difficult message.

Here are some questions for your discussion time or personal reflection:

  1. Share a time when you committed to something but gave up when it became hard.
  2. What is something that has offended you recently?
  3. What aspects of the Christian faith are most offensive to the people you interact with day to day?
  4. What is a way you have been offended by Jesus in the past? How have you worked through it?
  5. What are your thoughts on Clay’s method of dealing with Jesus’ offensiveness? Anything you would change or add?
    1. Remind ourselves who Jesus is
    2. Remind ourselves of our commitment to be His disciple
    3. Make sure you understand what He is saying
    4. Search ourselves to see why we are offended
    5. Pray that God may change your heart to desire truth
    6. See offense as an opportunity to grow
  6. How might we be tempted to change the words of Jesus so that people are less offended by them?
  7. Any advice on how to share a hard truth with someone with gentleness and love?


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