Expect the Spirit

Expect the Spirit

March 5th, 2017
Clay Edens

Expect to see the Holy Spirit at work both inside and outside the people of God.

John 16:4 – 17:15

  • The Holy Spirit helps the world see that their lives are broken and missing the target.
  • The Holy Spirit helps the world see the true nature of Justice and what a flourishing society would really look like.
  • The Holy Spirit helps the world see that judgment is not only deserved, but that it is coming.
  • The Holy Spirit helps Christians see what is real and right.
  • The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus as He empowers the Church to do the same.

Questions for discussion or personal reflection:

1.- Icebreaker: In honor of the release of the Nintendo Switch: What’s your favorite video game of all time?

2. What stood out strongest in your mind after hearing this message?

3. How did this message cause you to see the work of the Holy Spirit differently?

4. Before you were a follower of Jesus, how did you think about the concepts of sin, justice, and judgment?

5. How have you seen the Spirit work in one of these areas in your own life recently?

6. How would you explain the concept of sin to someone unfamiliar with Christianity?

7. Which of the current “hot topic” justice initiatives of the world can the Church affirm and get behind?

8. How can the outrage much of the world is expressing be a sign that the Holy Spirit is a work?

9. How have you been encouraged by someone or something outside the church in the last month?

10. How do you think someone not following Jesus would respond if you pointed out something positive in their life and told them you thought God was working through them?

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