Enduring Blood

Enduring Blood

January 13th, 2019
Clay Edens

From Hebrews 9

  • The blood of Jesus makes us clean
  • The blood of Jesus secures us for an eternal inheritance
  • The blood of Jesus takes away our sin

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. What is your typical reaction when you encounter blood?

2. What about the OT sacrificial system makes sense to you?

3. What about the OT sacrificial system do you find confusing?

4. If someone suddenly set up a tabernacle in the twin cities and followed the OT sacrificial system, how do you think people would respond?

5. How would you explain the significance of the “blood of Jesus” to someone with no church background?

6. Which metaphor is most powerful for you right now: Jesus paying your debt(redemption) or Jesus cleaning your conscience? Why?

7. How easy/difficult do you find it to leave behind guilt after you have repented of something?

8. How does Satan use false guilt to try and separate us from God?

9. If a Christian friend came to you saying they still felt dirty/icky/unclean after they put their faith in Jesus, what kind of conversation might you have with them?

10. Why do you think the Bible so frequently connects the concepts of forgiveness and blood? 11. How does understanding the OT sacrificial system foreshadow the sacrifice of Jesus?

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