Devine Devotion

Devine Devotion

July 15th, 2018
Clay Edens

From Hosea 6:7 – 11:1

God wants our complete and consistent devotion

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. What would your close friends say that you are fully devoted to?

2. We know that a modern day spouse would never be satisfied with partial devotion, why is it easier to think that God would be?

3. How can good times actually make our relationship with God more challenging? Have you ever experienced this?

4. We live in a culture that celebrates hard work. How we recognize when prosperity comes from hard work and yet still acknowledge it as God’s blessing?

5. How can our financial situation impact the way we interact with God positively and negatively? When does it become spiritually counter productive to have wealth?

6. Do you find your devotion to God to be higher in good or bad times? Why?

7. We might not be tempted to seek help from other gods in times of crisis like Israel, but where might we look for rescue outside of God?

8. How can you tell when you are placing more hope in politics to save the world than in God?

9. If God was looking at your life what might he be tempted to take away in order to increase your devotion to him?

10. Read 11:8-11, what does this passage say about God’s attitude toward his people?

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