Remain in Jesus

Remain in Jesus

February 19th, 2017
Clay Edens

This week we look at John 15:1-17.

Note: The First few minutes of the message didn’t make the recording. They mostly just introduced the main point above. Our apologies for the issue. Thanks for your grace.

Questions for discussion or personal reflection

1. What are your favorite things to do that are uniquely Minnesotan? Or Wisconsin if you live across the river?

2. Read the passage

3. What besides Jesus do you build into the regular rhythm of your life to ensure that you flourish?

4. What’s an area of your spiritual life that you would describe as fruitful right now? Why?

5. What’s an area of your spiritual life that is in need of pruning? What might it look like if it was healthy?

6. How do you make sense of Jesus’ words on prayer in v.7 and your own life experience?

7. In what ways does technology help or hinder your connection with Jesus? Overall would you call it a positive or negative in this area?

8. Why do you think Jesus highlights the command to love one another out of all the possible commands?

9. What are some things that you find personally helpful in keeping up a connection with Jesus? (You can use the list)

10. How would you rate your current connection with Jesus?


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