Deep Truth

Deep Truth

February 5th, 2017
Harold Netland

This Sunday we were joined by Dr. Harold Netland. Harold serves as Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Harold preached from John 14:1 – 11 and helps us think through the exclusive claims of Jesus in the midst of our diverse world. He is a leading thinker in this area. If you want to learn some more you can view his bio and publications here.

Questions for Discussion or Personal Reflection

1. What are some things that you associate with exclusivity?

2. In what situations do you see exclusivity as a good thing? Bad thing?

3. What religious views do you encounter most frequently in your daily life outside of Christianity?

4. Why might someone desire to separate the teachings of Jesus from the person of Jesus?

5. Which of Jesus’s teachings are largely embraced today?

6. What makes Jesus’s claim to be the exclusive way to the Father so controversial and unpopular in today’s culture?

7. What are some ways that the church can improve our embrace of peoples at the margins?

8. Is it possible to have an inclusive attitude/ reputation among people without compromising the exclusive part of Jesus? Why or why not?

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