Childlike and Mature

Childlike and Mature

June 10th, 2018
Clay Edens

God calls us to a faith that is childlike, but not childish.

Childlike faith is:

  • Trusting
  • Dependent
  • Teachable
  • Amazed

A mature faith is:

  • Discerns Good from Evil
  • Prioritizes Others
  • Pursues God
  • Shares Jesus

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. What’s a silly way that someone close to you might say you still act like a child?

2. Read Mark 10:13-16, what is Jesus trying to tell his disciples? How does this passage impact the way we should approach our ministry to children?

3. Why do you think kids tend to find it easier to trust God?

4. What can we do to increase our trust in God as adults?

5. In what areas of life do you find it easy to depend on God?

6. What do you find most amazing about God right now?

7. Are there any other ways you see kids modeling faith for adults?

8. Which of the aspects of mature faith discussed are you finding most challenging right now?

9. How has your faith changed your view of what’s good and evil over the course of time?

10. How are adult tantrums the similar/different to child tantrums?

11. How are you pursuing God personally outside of Sunday morning church?

12. In what ways are you passing on the truths of Jesus to others?

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