An Illegal Healing

An Illegal Healing

February 29th, 2016
Clay Edens

In John 5, Jesus heals a paralytic man… on the Sabbath.

This broke some cultural rules regarding the Sabbath, but it also revealed some important things about Jesus:

Jesus is the Father’s Apprentice:

  • He does what the Father Does (verse 19)
  • The Father shows Him all He does (verse 20)
  • He gives LIFE (Verse 21 & 26)

He is the Father’s Official Representative

  • The Father has authorized Jesus to be the judge (verse 22 & 27)
  • Jesus is due honor just as the father is due honor (verse 23)
  • A Judge declares what is good and what is evil (verse 29)

Questions for your reflection and discussion:

  • What is your favorite cultural party?
  • What is something you learned how to do from your dad?
  • How has Jesus given you life recently?
  • Where do you need life from Jesus now?
  • Do you spend more time focusing on physical wellness or spiritual wellness? How would you like to change that going forward?
  • What is your reaction to thinking of Jesus as judge?
  • How might it be a positive thing that we have a judge?
  • What would you say in response to someone who said Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all believe the same thing?
  • How do you remember and celebrate what God has done in your home?
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