Amazing Servanthood

Amazing Servanthood

March 8th, 2020
Dave Downey

From Mark 9:30-37


Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

What are you most excited about with spring on the horizon?

If a non-Christians asked you what the most important elements of being a Jesus follower were, what would you say? How should this passage influence our answer?

Have you encountered examples of Christian individuals/institutions that have been more focused on self-advancement (popularity, prestige, power, wealth, etc.) than on Jesus? How about in your own life?

What is something you’ve argued about that in hindsight you would be embarrassed about when exposed in the presence of Jesus?

What’s a story you’ve encountered recently where the church lived out servanthood and sacrifice in such a way that Jesus looked beautiful?

Read the 1st passion prediction and the reaction of the disciples (Mark 8:31- 38). What are the similarities? Differences?

The life of a Jesus follower is to be marked by humble servanthood and selfless inclusivity. Evaluate your life in these areas. Where is it evident?

Where has selflessness and pride entered in such a way that it keeps you from this cross-shaped life?

What would your neighbors and/or co-workers say about your inclusiveness and servanthood?

How should your life look different in these contexts this week in light of this passage?

How should your life look different this week in light of this passage?

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