Amazing Preview

Amazing Preview

February 23rd, 2020
Clay Edens

One day, we will get to see Jesus in all his glory. Until then, we must enjoy the previews that we get as we wait.

Mark 9:1-13

1. What’s an upcoming movie, book, or show that you are excited about?

2. What do you think Jesus was trying to accomplish by giving his inner circle a glimpse of him in his glory?

3. What do you know about Moses and Elijah? What do you see as significant about them being a part of this event?

4. Read Malachi chapter 4, do you see any connection to the transfiguration story? If so what?

5. The voice of the Father instructs those present to listen to Jesus. How do we go about listening to Jesus today?

6. What obstacles do we face in our current moment that impede our ability to listen well?

7. How is the transfiguration of Jesus connected to his resurrection and eventual second coming?

8. What kinds of things give you confidence that Jesus is still going to come back as he promised?

9. We aren’t blessed to see Jesus transfigured, but that doesn’t mean we are left without kingdom previews. Where do you see God giving us a preview of the coming of his kingdom?

Bonus: Go back to the book of Exodus (24,34, & 35) what similarities do you see between the account of Moses on Sinai and Jesus’ Transfiguration?

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