Amazing Partnership

Amazing Partnership

January 5th, 2020
Clay Edens

One of the amazing things about Jesus is that he chooses to use us to partner in his mission.

From Mark 6:6-14

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection

1. Do you enjoy group projects or prefer to work alone? Why?

2. What potential reasons can you come up with for why Jesus chose to use people to complete his mission instead of doing it himself?

3. How can others support, protect, and add enjoyment to living out the mission of Jesus?

4. What does it really mean that Jesus gave authority to his followers? How does that change the nature of the mission we are given?

5. Are you the kind of person that needs to be fully prepared and planned before setting out on a journey? How can this be an impediment in a life of following Jesus?

6. What does a life of dependence on God look like in your current context?

7. Clay made the comment that we were not designed to be self-sufficient. Do you agree? What evidence would you offer to support your position?

8. Read v.11 again, how does this verse give us wisdom for navigating situation where people reject Jesus?

9. How would you describe the purpose that God has given you to carry out in service to him?

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