Action Over Outrage

Action Over Outrage

May 5th, 2019
Clay Edens

How do I respond when I encounter injustice?

From James 1

Questions for group discussion and personal reflection:

1. At your current age, what does it look like when you throw a fit?

2. What’s good and bad about living in the current age of outrage?

3. Why do you think instant outrage often gets more attention than thoughtful reflection?

4. What harm can we do when we react to something before listening to the whole story?

5. Share an example from your life where listening to the complexities of a situation was able to calm your anger.

6. One of the biggest ways you can combat injustice is by fighting its presence in your own life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

7. What are some of the barriers that prevent us from taking our knowledge and putting it into action?

8. What does caring for the vulnerable look like in your life right now?

9. How do you see God using you to care for the vulnerable in the future?

10. (if you need help finding opportunities contact Pastor Dave)

11. What struck you most in this passage?

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