A God of Welcome

A God of Welcome

October 1st, 2017
Clay Edens

God’s glory shines bright as he welcomes all people into his family and we reflect his glory when we do the same.

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

1. See how many languages your group can say hello/welcome in.

2. What are your initial thoughts and reactions upon learning that the African Bible Fellowship is coming to Hope?

3. How frequently and in what context do you engage with people from a different culture than your own?

4. Have you ever been a long-term guest in another country? What was the experience like? Did you feel welcome?

5. What are some ways that we can love the foreigner and refugee among us as a church and as individuals?

6. What are things that can keep us from welcoming new people into our lives? Does it make it harder when the new people are from a different culture?

7. How can cultural diversity add value and beauty to a church?

8. What fears do you have as we take the step of faith to add this ministry?

9. How is the gospel uniquely suited to unify people across cultural divides?

10. What are some other positive aspects that you see in this expansion of our church family?

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