A Different Standard

A Different Standard

November 26th, 2017
Clay Edens

God’s people are called to live and measure themselves by a different standard.

This week we look at 1 Corinthians 6:1-11

Questions for Discussion or Personal Reflection:

1. What’s your favorite thing associated with Canada?

2. What are some of the motivations that are behind taking someone to court?

3. Paul seems pretty adamant that we shouldn’t result to the courts to decide disputes among “family members.” When if ever would you advise someone to turn to the courts? Does it change anything if our courts are more just than theirs were?

4. What makes a criminal charge worthy of a different approach than a civil one?

5. Are you in more danger of treating homosexual practice too lightly or too harshly? Why?

6. What would you say if a non-Christian friend or coworker asked you what you thought of homosexual practice?

7. Select several of the sins listed in the passage and look at them through the lens of (law, society, person, and God). How would pursuing God’s vision in these areas conflict with the others?

8. We are called as Christians to confront the sin that’s in the church, but how to we handle sin when we see it in people that don’t know Jesus? Why would a different approach be warranted?

9. Many of the vices listed also have detrimental effects on the society as a whole, to what degree do you think morality should be legislated? (Expect disagreement here. This is a tough one)

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