Amazing Walk

Amazing Walk

January 19th, 2020
Clay Edens

From Mark 6:45-56

When we recognize that Jesus is truly God, our eyes are opened to a new kind of amazement.

  • Amazed by his words
  • Amazed by his forgiveness
  • Amazed by his love

Questions for group discussion or personal reflection:

When we recognize that Jesus is with us, we can walk into the unknown with a new kind of courage.

What do you remember thinking when you found out man had landed on the moon?

If you weren’t alive yet, what accomplishment of mankind evokes a similar level of amazement?

When does something cross the line into being so amazing that it becomes tough to believe?

Aside from the resurrection, which of Jesus miracles do you find most amazing?

Put yourself in the disciples shoes, what kind of reaction do anticipate you would have if you saw a figure out on the water?

Jesus reveals his divinity to his disciples in this miracles, what other clues do you see in scripture that he is more than just a prophet or teacher?

If you believe Jesus is God, how did you come to that realization?

If you aren’t there yet, what prevents you from believing it?

How does Jesus being God change the way we follow him?

What gives you confidence that God is with you as you go throughout your life?

How would you explain courage?

How can Jesus increase its presence in our lives?

What was your biggest take away from this passage?

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